New Games- Introducing TCO23 [ ] Games!

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Have you heard our big news? We are launching TWO mini-TCO tournaments this year as part of TCO23! Introducing the [ ] Games- a mini tourney held during the year where you can qualify on [ ] technology outside the normal TCO tracks. [ ] Games will have its own leaderboard, and we will hold two grand finale championships. Not only will you earn bragging rights as a TCO [ ] Games Champion, but you'll also win a VIP trip to the TCO23 finals!

Our first [ ] Games is the [Javascript] Games, and will be held October 1, 2022-December 31, 2022. How can you participate? Compete in any challenge tagged with Javascript-we will not have [ ] Games-specific challenges. The top competitors will face off in a grand finale tournament to be held in February 2023. Our second [ ] Games will launch January 1, 2023-March 31, 2023 with a grand finale tournament in June 2023.

We are currently hosting a Javascript Skill Builder so you can sharpen your Javascript skills before the Games begins-will you be our FIRST TCO [ ] Games champion?

Check out the [ ] Games Site for more information!

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