[FIXED] Encountering 404 error at my profile page

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Update: The issue has been fixed.

Whenever I'm trying to go to "My Profile", a 404 error page is shown instead.
Looking at the error logs at the bottom left corner, it seems like the v3 api is failing to find my handle.
The console logs show similar stuff. Including a couple of "403 - Handle anonyo.akand is not active" errors.
If I go my profile settings and head to the Account tab, the page keeps switching/blinking rapidly between a 404 page and the actual settings page. After a while it stops, and shows "Failed to get user mfa settings".

I've reached out to Topcoder support already, but haven't heard back yet. I just wanted to know if anyone has encountered a similar problem, or has any suggestions that may help me out.

Attaching the screenshot of "My Profile".

P.S: I really don't know if this forum topic is suitable for this post. Please let me know if it's better to post somewhere else.

Screenshot of "My Profile"

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    Glad to know that the issue has been solved now @anonyo.akand

    You can post this kind of topic in this forum so we can help check on your issue. However, if you need direct help, please send any issues you're facing in our platform to support@topcoder.com, thank you.

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