December 2022 Development Newsletter

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Hello Topcoder Devs, with the new year on the horizon, we are looking forward to some awesome development work in the coming months.

As of now, the following are some of the key practice challenges and First2Finish challenges currently on:

  1. Members who are new to Topcoder and would like some practice in development challenges, check out Translation App Practice Challenge.

  2. We also have an ongoing VueJS Practice Challenge, which will allow you to learn and practice VueJS in a Topcoder environment. Practice challenges don't have a prize, as they're meant primarily for learning.

  3. First2Finish challenges earn you points that are included in Development track TCO point total and these challenges come and go fast! Some interesting First2Finish challenge might be on right now. Keep track of them here.

Finally, new challenges get added every now and then, and the entire list of live challenges can be found at the Topcoder Challenge Listings Page.

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