Two angular developers required. Apply before 00:00 - 7th Feb 2021 EST

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Hi developers,

Looking for 2 angular developers interested in completing several private tasks. Most of the task involves integration using existing APIs (mostly web-sockets will be used in the integration),
The scope of work will be :
UI development
Integration with existing APIs.
We have an existing application using older AngularJS version where the API integration is already done.
Now we have a new Angular 9 application, in this we have to do the same integrations.

Here's a smaple F2F that you can refer to get an Idea

The overall tasks are going to last for 2, 3 weeks having a net prize in private tasks ranging from $3k to $5k
Besides this there will be tasks to unit-test the application those are going to have a separate budget.

Post in the comments below if you are interested before 00:00 7th Feb 2021 EST.
The assignment will be done after 12hrs i.e. after 00:00 7th Feb 2021 EST.
The criteria of selection will be your Topcoder achievement listed on your TC profile page.

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    Member assignment done.
    🛑 It's CLOSED.

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    cool to see you using new forums @hi4sandy!

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