Bug in Replit, Making It Hard to Complete the Data Analysis with Python Project 2 of 5

1 posts Mon, Mar 27, 2023 at 08:41 PM in Topcoder Academy

I've really enjoyed the Data Science Fundamentals course available through Topcoder Academy. I did just come across a problem that makes one of the deliverables unavailable to be turned in (as I understand it), and I was hoping the community could point me in the right direction about what to do about it.

You're probably already aware that the Data Science Fundamentals course uses replit.com as an online compiler and host for sharing code. Currently, Topcoder Academy asks for a URL from replit to show I've completed the prompt.

Here's the problem: Replit has a bug that makes it difficult to import pandas. Even though the environment is set up to import pandas (I tried "uninstalling" pandas from my replit environment, and it wouldn't let me under the "packages" tool), yet it kept throwing a ModuleNotFoundError: "No module named 'pandas'." This is for the Demographic Data Analyzer, which is the Data Analysis with Python Project 2/5. Any idea what I should do here?

Thank you in advance!

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