Competitions vs Gigs

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Since several months I am checking the challenges list on the web site and it's sad to see no challenges at all or very few. On the other side Gigs are growing and I see a lot of work. My personal opinion is that there is a heavy change in TC business model, passing from getting work from customers and managing projects to just providing people to customers.
I am a fan of the old TC, so really hope to be wrong. Maybe this discussion will help to know what are plans for the future.

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    Unfortunately the trend you observed is pretty clear.
    It seems that "old TC" is part of the past now.

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    Hi @paolog,
    We will have a series of AI challenges coming in the next 6 months with big prizes and the leadership team is determined to bring back challenges for community, with this being the first step. The AI challenges were announced in the recent Town Hall - if you missed it, you can see the recording here:

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