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Hey Everyone,
Starting this thread to discuss problem writing for comptitive programming contests at Topcoder.

If you are new to problem writing, here are some steps that will help you get started. The payments and problem difficulty related details are available here.

Here are a few things you need to do before you start adding your problem proposals:

  • To get started, send a writer application from MPSQAS (this is a tool where problems are developed). Once you do that send an email to letting us know you have sent an application.
  • Note: This is the older method and requires you to set up java in your machine. If you are using Java version 8 and above in your system, you will face security issue in running the JNLP.
  • To do this, launch MPSQAS, log in using your Topcoder credentials (uncheck 'Use SSL' checkbox) and submit an application by following Applications -> Problem Writer Application.
  • Refer to help document for more details.  
  • After you submit your writer's application, don't forget to send us an email at
  • Once your application is approved, you will receive an email.
  • This is where you can start adding problem proposals. Here's a quick guide by @misof to help you with proposals.
  • Once you add your problems. you again need to email the class names to asking us to review and approve. 

Feel free to discuss any questions/doubts here in this thread or reach out to me(harshit at direclty,

Hope to see you submit problems for Topcoder Contests!


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