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Hey Everyone,
Hope you all are safe and doing well!

If you are here right after receiving the newsletter, you need to know we just launched a super exciting NASA Space Suit Detection Marathon Match. With $33,000 in prizes the task is to quantify spacesuit motions from conventional and readily available video and photographs.

Vehical Routing Part -2 Marathon Match results were just announced recently. Congratulations to all the winners and especially @tourist for taking for taking the top spot.

TCO21 Stage 3 leaderboard is now updated with the results of Vehical Routing Part -2 Marathon Match results and we can see that there is a very close fight between the top 5. With MM 125 about to end in a few hours, it will be interesting to see how the leaderboard looks like at the end of the provisional phase. Also, with 3 of top 5 currently competing in the match, who gets to qualify to the finals will completely depend on the system testing results.

Upcoming Matches

Following are the scheduled matches for the next quarter, I will update this thread when there are new paid matches to share.

Marathon Match 126 - Wednesday, April 28, 13:00 UTC -4 to Wednesday, May 5, 13:00 UTC -4
Marathon Match 127 - Wednesday, June 2, 13:00 UTC -4 to Wednesday, June 9, 13:00 UTC -4

Gig Work Opportunities

Did you know Topcoder offers freelance gigs? Apply for one of our awesome Data Science contract gigs and set yourself up with the freedom to earn while having fun with competing on our Marathon Matches. Find them all here.

Hope to see most of you compete and apply for the gig opportunities!



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    Thanks for update, @hmehta. Just to confirm, the NASA spacesuit match is already for Stage 4 together with MM126 / MM127, right?

    EDIT: Taking a deeper look at the NASA spacesuit rules, it mentions that teaming is allowed, which I guess would make it ineligible for TCO points. However the match has the TCO21 tag, which is then confusing.

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    Hey @vdave NASA Match allows teaming and thus is not TCO21 Eligible. The TCO tag has been removed to avoid the confusion.

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