May the 4th - Share your story. Win a T-shirt!

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Share your Topcoder story and how you got into designing, competitive programming, coding, etc.

Why you are here, how you’re succeeding, who helped you, what you’re hoping to get from our community, who would you like to thank, what tips do you have to share, etc. Anything! We love to hear your stories.

Every story we get in this forum thread will get our May the 4th Topcoder t-shirt. Please post here on this thread by Friday, May 7th!

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    Mi nombre es Luis Fernando, Sir_Luis para Top Coder
    Luis Millan mejor conocido como Mahestro me hablo de la oportunidad de participar en el mes del diseño, Mayo, 2020.
    Sin conocimiento alguno, solo 3 tutoriales de Youtube, dias antes de la competencia, fueron suficientes para enfrentar el reto.
    En mi llave quedé en segunda posicion 2th, obtuve varios premios y este año ¡vamos por más!
    Las oportunidades y la informacion existen, solo debes moverte a tu favor y hacer que las cosas sucedan.


    My name is Luis Fernando, Sir_Luis for Top Coder
    Luis Millan, better known asMahestro, told me about the opportunity to participate in the month of design, May, 2020.
    Without any knowledge, only 3 YouTube tutorials, days before the competition, were enough to face the challenge.
    In my key I was in second position 2th,
    I got several awards and this year we are going for more!
    Opportunities and information exist, you just have to move in your favor and make things happen.


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    Think you can add the English version too? :)

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    hi, i don't speak much english, i'm catching up on that.
    I already did the translation, please read it and tell me if it is understood.

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    Hi my name is Luis. My handle is Sir_Luis I joined Topcoder in 2014. Luis, known as mahestro, talked to me about Topcoder but I started competing in 2020 last year I participated in the design month challenge without a formal education and I earned this and now officially, I'm part of the roaster

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    I am quite new to Topcoder but it was very easy to catch up everything here. I am doing challenges however I never won any of those but I am learning for sure. I would like to thank whole community of Topcoder for giving every aspiring programmer this opportunity to learn and earn.

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    Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear it's been easy for you. Any tips you have to share with newbies to help them learn easier too?

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    I think the biggest mistake I made during the initial stages of my learning how to code was underestimating myself, never loose hope if you think something is really hard for you then take a break and seek for help, It's very easy for someone who is new to programming to just throw it away if it's not working or if it's not upto your imagination but it requires consistency. The more you code the more you grow, learn and earn with Topcoder.

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    @Sudhanshu_p said:

    The more you code the more you grow, learn and earn with Topcoder.

    Love this @Sudhanshu_p

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    hello, my name is Andi Irawan, my user name is on topcoder andiirawanart, Dear first time, I got to know the Topcoder community, in April 2018 and I was still in my final semester of college. i was told by my friend when i asked the website what websites can make money he mentions topcoder, I immediately visited and immediately took part in several competitions and completed challenges. s I was very happy when I won the 5th place for the first time and got my first income on the internet and I also got the topcoder pride shirt I was very proud of Until now, I have always invited friends near me to join TopCoder. I am very proud that the topcoder community can learn a lot from all members in this topcoder. One thing that I love most about this topcoder community is that everyone has a chance to win and keep learning and practicing will definitely win. I'm proud and in love with the topcoder community topcoder community

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    Hello all,

    I'm also relatively new to topcoder, started my journary in topcoder with a gig, meanwhile also doing challenges & defect fixes on github/gitlab under challenges, really love the process, helpful community & great pilots.
    I mostly love topcoder because it provide big platform to learn & earn together, I never thought I can earn a grand just by fixing some bugs,
    one small tip on defect fixing under challenges, get clear requirement from pilot before coding with really help.
    also I agree with Sudhanshu, underestimating our own ability is a big blocker in growth, I'm also learning to believing in myself.
    I would like to thank whole community of Topcoder for giving this opportunity to learn and earn.
    @jmpld40 & @Sharathkumar92 is so friendly & helpful through out the journey. thank you Jessie & Sharath,
    I really appreciate your help.

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    Great to see you share your story :)

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    Hello everyone,
    I am Software Developer and an active user of Topcoder. I got to know about topcoder community through my friend. The reason why I prefer Topcoder is because it's the best freelancing website on which you can trust, learn and earn. I have worked and won some challenges in design and development. I have started Topcoder before my employment and I won some challenges and got my first income this is why Topcoder is special to me. I would like to thank the Topcoder team for giving users such a great platform and hope that community developes as the time grows higher and higher.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am computer programmer based out of India. I got to know about the Topcoder Inc. from one of my co-worker. I participated very few Topcoder challenges but never won in any. I prefer Topcoder for both learning and earning. It has very diversed community with lot of experts and helpful community members. I am glad to be part of the Topcoder community, it's growing faster and I wish good luck for more growth. Meanwhile I am trying hard to align myself for growth mindset. It's been an year as a freelancer with many ups and downs, Due to helpful community I got great hope about future as a freelancer. Still I need to engage in more challenges, bug fixes etc to upgrade my self and help back the community with lessons which I learn in the journey. Currently I am just trying to develop Emacs extension for Topcoder by referring VS code extension which is exist already from the community.


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    Hey @nerding_it,
    Emacs extension for Topcoder, love the idea!
    If you need any help from the team, reach out (

    Also once you complete it, we would love to add it to thrive and feature it in the newsletter as well.


  • 2 posts Thu, May 6, 2021 at 11:43 AM

    Thanks @hmehta for continuous support and motivation. It gives some kind of energy to learn and grow. Just started with emacs extension in test environment. I am planning to implement features which are currently exist in VS Code extension. Here is the repository (i.e. Still it's at initial stage and having single feature to view challenges)

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am a software developer in Wipro. I came to know about Topcoder from wipro and joined Topcoder back in December 2019.
    I started joining challenges from very begnining but never won but the result was that I learnt alot that how to compete and all the process which this community follow.
    Later on I joined one of the development learning challenge and I won that from there I got confidence that I can also compete and win challenges, So from there I started competing in different-different challenges, so either I earn or learn, it never goes wasted.
    For the new joiners I would like to say never loose the confidence that you are not winning always compete in the challenges you will learn something.
    I would like to thank whole community of Topcoder for giving this opportunity to learn and earn. Specially the @hmehta that he is always there to support.


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    Hi Team.
    My name is chong and I am a software engineer living in London. The first time I knew Topcoder was during my university period. I really wanted to improve my competitive programming skiils and everybody told me that there are a lot of excellent problems in Topcoder.
    The admin was rng58 at that time and there were a lot of classic DP and math problems in Topcoder. Even though I am still a rookie in competitive programming but through Topcoder I know a lot of masters like tourist, ACRush, xudyh.

    Apart from competitive programming, I also find that there are many interesting challenges in Develper field and I really want to challenge myself (also make some money ^ = ^ ). Now I have graduated from school and the only time to do the Topcoder challenges is in the weekend or holidays.

    Wish there are more and more intersting and exciting challenges in Topcoder and wish I can achieve the rating of 1600 in Topcoder!

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    Hello , I am d.fachri join topcoder on October, 2017. First time is right Do or Do Not, there is NO TRY. Direct jump to join challenges, cause all describe and brief on challange page. I know topcoder community from my brother but now he is busy with office hour, I try to manage time to join community too.
    At early step on challenges, I am only submit and stag on first round, read only on email not in forums. At other time on next submission is failed on screening..., Copilot and screener help to passed screening phase. Scorecard submission describe all that problem.
    First time earn money only bonus on checkpoint, that's time to much learn to earn.
    On design community much learn about tools design as photoshop, illustrator then now Adobe XD. For mac base use sketch and last week challenges with Figma online tool.
    Commnunity give all you need, learn and earn there is NO TRY.

  • 431 posts Mon, May 10, 2021 at 12:56 PM

    Thanks all for sharing your stories! You won a t-shirt! We will be in touch about it soon :)

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