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TL;DR - A thread to compile resources for optimization contests in general


Unlike for Algorithm rounds, there are sparse resources available for optimization contests. The reasons being the amount of participants, complexity and variety. One usually builds his skill through a lot of experience in participating in MMs and learning new techniques and concepts throughout the journey. Though there exists a lot of good guides and blogs for optimization contests, they are scattered, usually hard to find, and there exists no roadmap or an extensive compilation of resources. There might exist literatures that would be of great use on any MM in general, which remain unnoticed and hidden.

It would help the community if we can compile and share key resources here on this thread. Sharing personal lessons learnt through competitions would also be of good help.

It would be great if you could spend a couple of minutes in adding resources that aided you on your journey as comments on this thread ✌🏼

To start with, here are links to some resources:

  1. TC blog containing links to MM TC tutorials, editorials and forums having great threads ranging from starting to participate in MMs to discussing hill climbing techniques -
  2. A Codeforces blog where @Psyho shares some of his slides and others sharing more resources and heuristic techniques -
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