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I have 2 proposals for the Design Track.

1) I like the F2F challenges in Design, giving the opportunity for less skilled designers to earn some money. However, I think giving just one prize is not fair. I propose to award to 3rd place, or at least to 2nd place. The prizes may be small - 25-100 $, but it is still something and the work of the other competitors won't be in vain.

2) I don't like that all the contests are private and there is now way to see other member's submissions to compare with them. I propose whenever is possible to make the contests open. For example, contests designing stuff for the Topcoder site can be open to view - I don't see a reason to hide the design. Just like we could see the winner of the TC Infographic challenge and know what kind of excellence to strive for.

Zhivko Stoychev (jivkoss)

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