TCO21 Algorithm Round 2B

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The second Round 2 of the Algorithm Competition of 2021 Topcoder Open is happening! Round 2B and and its Parallel Round will take place on Wednesday, June 2 at 07:00 UTC -4

Both the matches will be rated.

Please note that you must register for this round in the Arena. Registration is now open for the round in the Arena or Applet and will close 5 minutes before the match begins, so make sure that you are all ready to go. Click here to see what time it starts in your area.

In order to advance to Online Stage 3, you will need to place within the top 200 of any Round 2. Read more about the Algorithm Competition and view the whole schedule here

Members eligible to compete in the Parallel Round include:
- Members who have qualified to Round 3 from Round 2A
- Members who did not qualify for Round 2
- Members who didn't compete in Online Round 1
Qualifiers for Round 4 or TCO21 Algorithm Finals from Online Stages 1, 2 and 3

Don’t know how to compete in Topcoder Algorithm Competitions?
Check out this guide to successfully compete in an algorithm match.

You can compete using:

  • Topcoder Java Applet - You can refer to this guide here to set up the applet. (Note that those who have Java 8 installed on their machine will see a security issue — You will have to add Topcoder in security exceptions in Java Control Panel. Please refer to the details in the guide.)
  • Topcoder Web Arena(Beta) - Please watch this video for step by step guide

Did you qualify for Round 3 or Round 4 or Algorithm Finals from Online Stages 1,2 and 3? We have a parallel-rated round for you to compete.

Best of luck to you in the Arena!

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