Topcoder Nation Happenings In June 2021

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"Every minute of your time counts! - Rushing submissions and uploading for Round 2 will always remind you how valuable time is. We can't turn back time, make the most of it."

— by Oninkxronda

Can Topcoder Teach Anything Other Than Coding?
Wisdom and insights for this month! Starting with the lessons that members learned in Topcoder that will serve them for life! Other members pondered on this question, as a result, enlightenment:
Lessons for Life

Topcoder Nation Show Gems
We hosted two shows this month! Great interviews and journeys from our members.

Topcoder Nation Show #5 ft. PereViki

  • She started designing in 2012 in another platform, switching from her business career to pursue her creative passions based on curiosity.
  • As overall advice to overcome the life-work balance struggle, she suggests choosing challenges carefully.
  • She was asked for suggestions on books, here are her top five (5) books every designer should read.

Topcoder Nation Show #6 ft. birdofpreyru

  • Born in Russia and living in Spain.
  • Besides nailing down challenges as a copilot and competitor, he enjoys regular travels; specially to do snowboard and windsurf.
  • As a challenge selection strategy, in his early journey, he used to pick challenges that had something new to learn rather than cash to earn. Why? You have to watch the recording for absorbing the wonder of that technique!

Why abedavera? Why Ghostar?
Have you ever wondered why our friends in the community choose those names as handles?

May Cuteness
Dare to guess how our community members looked when they were kids! This month we had:

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