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I am new to the Topcoder Gig's community and wondering while applying for a project work, do I need to reveal my current job and employer? Also, can we work on weekends or it has to be working days i.e. Mon-Fri?


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    Hi @drifter21

    Your current employer, position and skills should be listed in your CV. Contacting references is determined by the client and you should have a list of reference available upon request but do not have to be listed in your CV we have on file. Depending on the client and their needs will determine the working hours. We ask that members looking to apply to a gig be avaiable during working hours in the specified time zone, monday-friday.

    Those were great questions, let me know if you have any further questions.

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    Sorry, the cv is our profile right

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    @DanielWorld your CV and your Topcoder profile are both viewable by clients.

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