TCO22 Regionals- Africa & Western Asia

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We are so excited to have our FIRST in-person AND virtual regional meetup for our Topcoder community in Africa and western Asia! All details will be emailed to the lucky ticket winners who earned an invite. We hope those that can’t come in person can still attend virtually. Please drop any and all questions here so we can answer! Check out more details here .

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    Hi @BeckyE430,

    Thanks for bringing this first Regional TCO for Africa.

    I have two questions about the event

    1. In which track can I compete ? Is it development. I received an email stating that I earned a ticket for the event, but It is not clear from the email in which track I can compete
    2. The "Africa and Western Asia Regional Meetup" schedule is a bit confusing.
      In this page it is scheduled on August, 6. see
      But in the home page it is shown as scheduled for August, 13, see
      can you please double-check ?


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    Good catch regarding our schedule! Yes, the event had to switch to 8/13 so we will update our TCO22 Regional page to reflect that. As far as competing, you can participate in any track you'd like for Regional as you earned a ticket to attend!

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    Everyone is welcome to attend virtually and join the competiitons however only those who qualified are eligible for the prizes.

    Register to join the Africa and Western Asia Regional Event.

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    I received an email with subject TCO22 RegionalsTCO22 Regionals - You earned a ticket , Does that mean that I am eligible for the prizes or no ?

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    Yes, that means you are eligible!

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