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We are opening a new season to connect experienced Topcoder members with aspiring competitors to spend time together during one month learning and developing skills that will serve to win challenges. Here's what the timeline for the season looks like and you can apply now. Applications close on Nov 25!

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  • 138 posts Fri, Dec 2, 2022 at 02:48 PM

    Hello here!

    Thank you for your applications. I sent you all emails but here's an overview of the results.

    The matching process has eneded and we have our 10 mentees selected. Congratulations:

    • waynn
    • tom_8088
    • azibabari
    • tyro__a
    • utsav1984
    • pjmathematician
    • yudha19
    • Naufal_hamidy
    • rodkeymo
    • vinitop

    Many of the applications are almost there to become eligible. I encourage you to apply again by the end of February when the new season is open.

    PS: there were a few whose handles entered in the form didn't match anyone in our database, I'm afraid we couldn't review your applications owing to this unfortunate circumstance.

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