my request is stuck, is it normal?

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I applied for a gig ( a few days ago. However, my request is still stuck at “stand by” and has not changed to “NOT SELECTED” or “PHONE SCREEN”. Is it normal for it to be stuck for a few days? Do I just need to keep waiting? 😊

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    Hi jiangyue808,
    It's normal to have some delays during summer as many customers have vacations and they might take a bit longer to respond. In such cases, feel free to email and someone will check your particular situation directly and answer you.

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    hi I am trying to apply for gig work, I get the message that the request is submitted but I do not get any mail about it nor do I see that my application is listed in the applied work status. Please help.

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    Hi @vblakshmi92,
    Please email to look into your specific issue and help as they can see all the details.

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