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Hey Everyone!

SRM 808 drew the curtains on the Stage 4 of TCO21. @bqi343 not only won the match but also made it to the finals. Congratulations @bqi343

TCO21 Algorithm Online Rounds Round 3 is happening in a weeks time, this will decide who goes to the last TCO22 Finals.

Here are the results and details of upcoming rounds

Round 3 Thursday, July 8 at 07:00 UTC -4
Round 4 Saturday, July 31 at 12:00 UTC -4

Reminding you again, ;) - you win a one of a kind TCO21 T-shirt if you get a positive score in Round 3!

Problems of the Month - June'21

Again I’m here with a new problem to discuss. This month we hadn’t so many problems, but I selected a nice problem from TCO2B; IncorrectCancellation!

The problem had a low acceptance rate so suitable for Problem of the month. Also, it was attractive for me, personally. Also, the problem doesn’t need any special prerequisite so it makes it easy for everyone to think on and learn.

by @a.poorakhavan




SRM 809 Tuesday, July 13, 07:00 UTC-4
Rookie SRM 6 Friday, July 16, 11:00 UTC-4
SRM 810 Friday, July 24, 12:00 UTC-4
TCO21 Regionals Algorithm Qualifying - 1, Tuesday, Aug 3, 07:00 UTC-4
TCO21 Regionals Algorithm Qualifying - 2, Wednesday, Aug 4, 21:00 UTC-4
TCO21 Algorithm WildCard, Friday, Aug 6, 07:00 UTC-4
SRM 811 Saturday, Aug 21, 12:00 UTC-4
SRM 812 Wednesday, Sept 1, 12:00 UTC-4
SRM 813 Friday, Sept 17, 11:00 UTC-4
SRM 814 Wednesday, Sept 29, 21:00 UTC-4

Scoring Changes

Now, all members who compete/open a problem will get points on the TCO22 Leaderboard.

Division 1:
1st Place: 5 points
2nd-10th Place: 4 points
11th-25th Place: 3 points
All other positive scores: 2 points
All others who attempted to solve/opened at least one problem : 1 Point

Division 2:
1st Place: 3 points
2nd-10th Place: 2 points
All other positive scores: 1 point
All others who attempted to solve/opened at least one problem: 0.5 Point

The added extra point will help members who work hard but either get challenged or fail during system tests, giving them the much needed reward for their efforts.

New Events/Contest Calendar

We are moving our SRM and MM announcements to a new Google Calendar, we request you to quickly subscribe to our new calendar to stay abreast of the upcoming rounds.

Here are the links to the calendar:

Hope to see most of you compete! :)

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  • The_mysterioThe_mysterio Re: July'21 - Competitive Programming | All Updates | TCO22 | (response to post by hmehta)
    1 posts Sat, Jul 3, 2021 at 09:41 AM

    I think there is a mistake .It should be TCO22 Regionals Qualifying not TCO 21

  • hmehtahmehta Re: July'21 - Competitive Programming | All Updates | TCO22 | (response to post by hmehta)
    198 posts Thu, Jul 8, 2021 at 04:07 AM

    Hey @The_mysterio,
    It's correct, the rounds are for TCO21 Regionals. Regional events are taking place in the first week of August. We will most probably have a parallel round, for the members who did not qualify for the regionals this year.


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